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We take a lot of pride in the quality and standards that we build our link inserts too which you can see in the client results here.

Each link insert we place undergoes a rigorous internal quality control process (complete details outlined below), ensuring that you receive the complete LinksThatRank advantage with confidence.

All we need to know are your target keywords, and we handle the entire link insertion process for you including a detailed analysis of competitor anchor text.

You can learn more about the specifications that we build niche edit links to below.

Domain Rating > 80

Genuine Relevant Websites

With Organic Search Traffic

No "Write For Us" Pages

23 Point Quality Control Review

Reliable Quality Control

We know that dealing with niche edit link building services can be a real hassle. It often feels like no one is paying attention to standards and just delivering irrelevant links from junk websites with little to zero client care.

But we do things very differently at LinksThatRank.  For example, each and every niche edit is personally reviewed by a human member of our team before delivery.  They will take it through our comprehensive 23-point quality control process.

Our checks cover everything from making sure the page is relevant, ensuring the page is indexed in Google, and many technical checks including checking for orphaning and the x-robots-tag.  We are very confident in our link insert specifications and quality control processes.

Strict Blacklist Policy

We operate a strict blacklist of sites that are known to be guest post farms, on resellers lists, PBN’s or hacked links from SAPE.

For example you can search Google for “guest post sites” or a search like the GIF on the right-hand side to find resellers lists.  All of these sites are in our blacklist.  Likewise if someone emails us offering links, we ask for their full list and blacklist it.

We update our blacklist monthly from a number of sources to make sure you are ONLY getting the highest quality of link.  No other link building service does this.

one way that we add sites to the blacklist

Link Insert Specifications...

We’ve streamlined our link insert service, we just need to know your target URL and keyword. Then we do absolutely everything else! We will make sure you receive a relevant link insert from a relevant site (with REAL domain authority) that passes all 23 of our technical checks. Simple!

Relevant Placements

Relevance is key, and we will only source link placements from sites that are actually relevant to you.

Aged Link Placements

We will only place a link insert in an article that has been published for at least 1 year.

No Author Bio Links

We make sure that your link is placed within the actual core content of the article and not in an author bio.

Strict Quality Control

Every link insert goes through our 23 point quality control process to make sure everything is to spec.

Real Sites That Rank

If Google can trust a site with traffic, we can trust it to link to us. We only place links from sites with Google traffic.

No “Write For Us” Pages

We will not place links on any websites that have "write for us" pages. We avoid these because they are heavily farmed.

No Existing Links

We will also check that your site doesn't have any existing links from the sites where we place link inserts.

Blacklist Free

We have built our own blacklist of websites that you absolutely do not want a link from.

FREE Anchor Text Analysis Service

Choosing the right anchor text can make or break a link building campaign. So, we provide free anchor text analysis as part of our service. Just tell us the keyword you want to rank for and we will do the analysis for so you can have complete peace of mind in our link insertion service.

"After just one order from LinksThatRank we saw positive results..."

“I found my interaction with LinksThatRank a breath of fresh air. No bargaining on prices or link quality, just transparency, solid metrics and timely delivery. There were no surprises in the process and their back end system allowed me to see the order progress daily. We’ve used many link placement suppliers in the past with little or no results on the rankings. After just one order’s links from LinksThatRank we saw positive results. We love the process of their system and overall quality of the links we got. With Google’s latest update detecting spam links instantly, we will be using LinksThatRank only.”


John O’Toole

Casino Niche

How Does It work?

Submit Your Order

Just choose how many link inserts you want at the top of this page and then place your order.  You just need to let us know your target URL’s and keywords, then we will do everything else for you.

Manual Order Review

Next, we are going to manually review your order to check for errors.  Sometimes people make spelling mistakes in keywords or mix up the target URL’s so we like to check everything before starting your order.

Setup Keyword Tracking

We like to track the results of all of our clients.  To do that, we will add all of your target keywords and URL’s to our internal rank tracking system.  That means we can measure and report on your results directly.

Negotiate Placements

Once that is done, we are going to find a list of relevant websites that meet our strict specifications to start negotiating the placement of all link inserts.   We only place links on articles that are 1+ year old.

Publish The Link Insert

Once we have negotiated the placement of your link insert and made sure everything meets our specifications we will place the link insert and make sure it blends in perfectly with the existing content.

Strict Quality Control Process

Every link insert we place must pass our strict 23 point quality control process before we release it to you.  We check absolutely everything from top to bottom to make sure we are only delivering the best link inserts to you.

Final Delivery

Once everything is finished with your niche edits we will give you access to a full report that includes all of your links and the placement anchor text which you can export to a CSV in 1 click.

Check out what other people say about us...

“LinksThatRank was recommended to our busy Digital Marketing Agency. After working with many link-building suppliers in the past, we quickly understood why this supplier has such a solid reputation; Responsive team, quality links, well-written articles, an easy ordering process with a clear understanding of the costs and Domain Rating range option, and a dashboard that is easy to follow. There is plenty of opportunity to amend recurring orders. Any issues are quickly and professionally dealt with. This is a 5/5-star outfit.”


Vanessa Kennedy​

Law Niche

“I’ve been using Links That Rank to build links for a couple of years now. The link placements are fantastic, and when coupled with a good technical site and solid content, these links really do improve rankings, for even some of the most competitive and high-volume search terms. The service and support are great too, with solid delivery times. If you’re looking for hands-off link building, this is definitely a service that I would recommend.”



Kevin Purchase


 Technology Niche

“I’m very satisfied. I’ve used other leading linkbuilding agencies who are very well-known in SEO circles and, to be honest, their links were absolute crap. Your anchor text is actually relevant to the context of the articles where you make placements, the sites look decent and the turnaround is pretty fast. I’ve not had this experience with any other linkbuilders, so thank you!”


Marquis Matson

Gardening Niche

“I’m very pleased with your service and you are always the first ones that come to mind when I’m looking to build some links 😊”


Patric Melander

Office Software Niche

“Since Penguin, link building is something I have steered clear of, instead focusing purely on growing my site organically.The real problem with this approach are the results, which are wildly inconsistent with no real stability to rankings. This has been even more prevalent over the past year with Googles ridiculous and often incoherent updates. My site would bounce around the SERPs in a cycle and one update wiped out a years worth of work. But, since engaging LinksThatRank my sites ranking has stabilised and grown considerably. I feel I should mention Heather in particular – who is a true asset to the company. She kindly answered any questions I had, allaying my concerns, providing advice and helping me make the most out of my links. The quality control checklist also makes LinksThatRank stand apart from so many of their competitors, who just build links anywhere they can grab them. They are a breath of fresh air and I can’t recommend their services highly enough. I look forward to continue working with them for a long time to come :)”


Claims & Compensation Niche

“I’ve been using Links That Rank services for almost a year at this point. I’m quite happy with the results, especially with the niche selection, even though it might be a very competitive industry.”

Evgeniy Garkaviy

Cannabis Niche

“LinksThatRank has enabled us to improve our overall domain authority. Our authority has doubled from a year ago. We plan on including LinksThatRank as our main source to improve our online presence.”


Felipe Martinez

Printing Niche

Education Niche

Frequently Asked Questions

Our link insert service makes it easy for you to place high quality links on relevant websites.  Just tell us how many link inserts you need, and we will do the rest. We take care of everything, including a full quality control review before delivering any link to you.

Absolutely not – we take extensive measures to safeguard the integrity of our service. This implies that you’ll only view a site after placing an order.

This precaution is essential to ensure the protection of both our customers and publishers, and it’s the only viable approach for a service like ours to function effectively.

All forms of link building are against Google guidelines. However, we take extensive measures to maintain the highest standards and control the risk of the links we build. This includes our meticulous 23-point quality control review and high spec placement criteria.

Many link building services resort to scraping sites featuring “write for us” pages or simply reselling posts from extensive private blog networks, presenting them as genuine.

If you do Google searches like this or like this there are extensive lists of sites willing to publish links for payment.

Recognizing that Google has the ability to identify and devalue such links with minimal effort, we’ve taken the initiative to blacklist these sources.

Our commitment to maintaining a high standard, combined with our rigorous quality control review, ensures that you receive only top-notch links that truly make a difference. In essence, our backlink blacklist, in conjunction with our quality control process, guarantees your continued satisfaction.

The majority of orders are fulfilled within 16 calendar days, but certain special circumstances may extend the timeframe to a maximum of 28 days.

For larger orders, the complete fulfillment may take up to 42 days, but rest assured that links will be consistently delivered throughout that period.

Link insertions are a quick and effective way to boost your organic traffic. Why? You get placements on trusted, relevant blog posts with high domain authority.

We recommend using link insertion services to complement your link-building strategy with contextual relevance (supporting your digital PR, guest posts, broken link building, etc).

Quick results within a few weeks, placed in contextually relevant, aged content that is indexed and trusted by search engines with established traffic.

It can vary depending on factors like the number of links needed, the competitiveness of your keywords, and current website standing.

Absolutely! We take immense pride in the link inserts that we build.

These are the types of links that you can proudly display on your fridge. Your clients will be very happy!

We guarantee that each link insert that we deliver will-

  1. Be on a real site that Google trusts with at least 500 organic visitors per month
  2. Created from an aged article that has been live for at least 1 year
  3. No “write for us” pages
  4. Has passed our rigorous 23 step quality control review
  5. Is not featured on our backlink blacklist of known PBN’s, guest post networks and other publicly advertised link sales

Yes!  All the link inserts that we build are “dofollow”.

Additionally they will not have any rel=”ugc” or rel=”sponsored” markup which is all checked during our quality control review.

Our reports are 100% transparent and allow you to see all of the details of live links.

You can export all of this data to a CSV in one click.

No, our link insertion service is not currently offered at a discount. Check back on Black Friday, though!

We offer discounts on relevant links at scale with our other services if you’re interested in other types of high-quality links to boost your search engine rankings.

We accept Apple Pay and all major credit cards processed via Stripe.  

We do not accept PayPal nor do we have the capability to do so.

Yes!  Sometimes we like to send our link insertion service customers surprise gifts in the post.

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