What Is The Backlink Blacklist?

The free backlink blacklist tool is a database of over 60,000 domains you do not want a link from.

This includes sites that are commonly pitched via cold outreach emails or sold on marketplaces like Fiverr along with a screenshot showing you exactly why we have blacklisted a site.

Take a look at this video which shows you how it works step by step:

I want to introduce you to The Backlink Blacklist, which allows you to check if a site is worth getting a link from or not.

You can see exactly why a site is blacklisted, like if it’s sold in a cold outreach email and also see the screenshot, or if it’s publicly sold on Fiverr, for example along with the screenshot of the gig.

You should make The Backlink Blacklist part of your link building process to help make sure your only building links that help you.

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